Taking a holiday in Spain

Hola friends and family. I’m sending my love today, and for the next one hundred and twenty something days form the cultural metropolis that is España.


For those of you that haven’t spoken to me in the last year and haven’t listened to my musings about this beautiful country, I will be studying abroad for the semester in Valencia, a coastal city on the east side of Spain, where it’s always warm and the people are always friendly. I will be living in a home-stay and taking 15 credits at a Hispanic institute affiliated with the University of Virginia- five classes in Spanish about Spanish.

Let’s start by saying that I am not good at Spanish. I love everything about my alma mater except for the Spanish program, of which I am pursuing a minor in. Since I’ve been at MSU, I’ve taken three classes and have yet to reach any level of proficiency. I decided that the classes were more of a headache than they were worth. I was not learning what I should be and they were not worth my time, despite my love of the Spanish culture and language. So I was faced with a choice: to cut my losses and drop my Spanish minor, or to viva la vida dolce and carpe diem by moving to Spain for 5 months. Bitten by an extremely large travel bug at a young age, the choice was obvious. Adios America.

My deal was sweetened when Alejandro Prunier, a high school foreign exchange student from Madrid, moved into the Seminski’s humble abode. Living so close to home (stiflingly close), I was able to get to know Alex well over the four months he was with us. Well enough, in fact, that I invited myself to spend a month with his family before my studies begin. For some reason he agreed.

So, here I am. We are vacationing around Spain for a month before my studies  start. I am here to learn everything that I possibly can in the short (or not so short) amount of time that I am here.

I’m on the journey of a lifetime trying to discover a little bit about Spanish culture and language, and a lot about myself.

email: chelseabollman@gmail.com


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