Galecia is unlike anything else. Situated in northern Spain, Galacia is a region with a different landscape, culture and climate from the rest of Spain. Heavily influenced by the Celtics, Galacia also received much the same weather as one would expect in Ireland… rain for days. The region is known for its scenic mountains and cattle which supply the country with the best cuts of beef and cheese in Spain.

My favorite thing that we did was kayak down the river. I mentioned one day that I really enjoyed kayaking, and the next day the entire family was finding a way to make it happen. I’ve never seen such hospitality. So, when there is a will, there is a way and we found kayaks. The mountains melt into the river in a very unreal way. I was at complete peace with myself and with the world as I paddled into the middle of this postcard-worthy scenery.

I’ve also seen some amazing beaches. We went to three different beaches during our stay and each was unique. At each beach, the assistants met us there and set up lunch including a table cloth and champagne. When I go to the beach, I bring a diet coke and a sandwich. When they go to the beach, it is a four course meal. My favorite was the paella, that had the most incredible and fresh seafood I’ve had.

We also celebrated my birthday on the beach. La abuela went to the bakery and got me two cakes and everyone sang to me. It was a day filled with so much love and I felt so lucky. I was sad that I wouldn’t be with my family to celebrate the big 2-0, but this was much better.
The best beach was featured in a travel magazine and is now incredibly over populated… and for good reason. It’s called As Catedrais– beach of the Cathedrals. This is because there are many rock formations that resemble cathedrals with their caves. I could have easily spent hours or days exploring these rock formations. They are only visible when the water has receded. In the past, the family was the only ones that knew about the beach. They were able to play on the rocks without disturbance. Now, there are many tourists. But the rock formations are incredible.

Another mind-blowing experience was the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. About an hour drive from our house, this cathedral is the home of a spiritual pilgrimage. People walk for a month across Spain and France just to see this Cathedral, and it is incredible. Ornate with solid gold at the alter, I can see why it is the sight of such spiritual enlightenment. It is also the burial sight of St. James the Apostle. After the pilgrimages, many people line up to hug the statue, and it is said that your deepest spiritual wish will come true. Obviously I hugged it, but mostly just for good luck.

We were also able to walk down the pier of one of the fishing villages at night after dinner. Without almost any light pollution, I was able to clearly see about 5 shooting stars. I’ve only ever seen about 2 in my whole life. It made this place even more magical.


One thought on “Galicia

  1. Really interesting and delightful entries! And to think it began in my classroom last September. And it has grown to this! Say hello to Alejandro and his family for us, and have fun!

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