An adventure in Denmark

Departing from Amsterdam, my friends and I tried to mentally prepare ourselves for a 15 hour night train to Copenhagen. Naively planning this trip in September, we all believed that we could cram as much into one weekend as possible by negating sleep with the night train. We also were not going to pay an extra 75 euro for beds, because we are, after all, poor college students in the end. So, we cuddled up in our non-reclining seats and prepared for a long night. In our minds, we would do homework until late, then wake up early and finish everything we had left. In reality everyone was sprawled out and passed out, me on the ground using a scarf as a pillow, until a ticket-checker told us to be ready to get onto our bus at 4am.

Wait…. a bus? At 4am, somewhere around Hamburg Germany, we got off the train very sceptically and followed a mass of people to this alleged bus that we didn’t think we booked. Boarding the bus completely exhausted, we really just hoped it was the right one. An hour later we were awoken to get onto the ferry, of which we had no tickets but evidently that doesn’t matter. From the hour ferry ride, we got back onto the bus and by the grace of God woke up in Copenhagen.

Another thing I forgot to mention. Planning this trip in September also meant that we were planning it amidst the 95 degree heat in Valencia. I had so many #sweatygirlproblems that I couldn’t even think straight until about November. Obviously I had not taken into account that I would be going to the literal north pole in December at this time. Amsterdam was cold…. very cold, but I wasn’t prepared for Copenhagen. The first day Alyssa and I walked around the entire city, but I had to stop every ten or twenty minutes to warm up, pretending to be interested in a shop. Our cold also led us into a bookshop in which I read Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales to Alyssa while she scoped the map (he’s Danish, and kind of a big deal there).

As I said, on the first day we wandered. We didn’t have anything that we desperately wanted to do in Copenhagen, so we took an advised walking tour of the city from a map and wound up in some cool places. We saw the Rosenberg castle, got a view from the sky from the spire of Church of Our Savior, visited an anarchist colony called Christiana (legitimately… you leave the EU and enter a small area that lives in anarchy), and strolled down the gorgeous Nyhaven (New Harbor). At night we took a midnight walk through Tivoli, which is a theme park, ornately decorated with lights, in which Walt Disney got his inspiration for the Disney World parks.

We woke up to a blizzard. As in sideways snow in your face, everywhere blizzard. We decided that it was a good time to make up for our lack of motivation on the night train by hitting up a cafe to weather out the blizzard. We went to a place called “The Living Room” which, for coffee conesoures like me, was ideal. It had dim lighting and comfortable couches and could easily be my favorite coffee shop of all time. Alyssa prepared for finals while I cranked out some MSUMUN work I had been neglecting, and we passed the day cozily inside.

The trip home was a mess, as it always is when you just want to be home, and wasn’t helped by me getting extremely sick on Saturday. Our flight was delayed, so we had to take the 2am bus home, which was also delayed. After reaching my home sweet home Valencia, I face planted on my bed, forgot to go to classes in the morning, and slept literally the entire night and day.

Bring it on finals.


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