changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes

Sometimes we all need a change, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. So, when ORT SA CAPE was not providing me with the professional experience that I needed, I decided to change internships.

All things happen for a reason, at least that’s what I’ve been told. My time here in Cape Town thus far has been phenomenal. I’ve done just about everything that I set out to do, and I am only halfway through this adventure of a lifetime. But, I didn’t come to Cape Town just to explore. I came to get some real professional experience through my internship. Ambitiously enough, I was hoping that my internship could help me sort out what I generally want to do with my life. When I realized that I wasn’t getting this at my current internship placement, I decided that I needed a change. Thus I began a new internship this week at the South African Environment and Education Project (SAEP).


Let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed my time with ORT SA CAPE. The staff was extremely warm and welcoming and they do great work. However, I found that my skills were mismatched. They needed an engineering student who could understand the difficult robotics and teach it to the kids. They also needed a strategy of how they would use an intern such as me. I was given no tasks besides very medial ones, and my requests for work ended in me programming computers, putting aps on an iPad, or sorting Legos. I was not suited for this internship, and they did not need anyone with my skill set, resulting in a six week disaster.


This disaster was enhanced by the fact that the paperwork and regulations that I had to go through as a participant of the Connect 123 program made this process take about five weeks. At this point, I had obviously bonded with my boss Debbie and leaving became awkward. The mismanagement of the situation frustrates me to no end, but ultimately I knew that I needed to leave to get the experience I was craving.


So, I was thrown into work at the South African Environment and Education Project (SAEP) with a good friend Kevin and I love it already. Please check out SAEP’s website to see more about the organization—I’ll post further details about it later on.


Briefly, I will be working as a fundraising and communications intern. With that, I will be managing social media sites, writing website stories, distributing the annual report, and preparing grant proposals. Additionally, a few days a week I will be aiding the early childhood development team as they deliver lessons to township kids. This work is much more in line with my interests and experience, and I’m excited to see what I’ll get involved with in my last six weeks in the city.


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