A Few of my Favorite Things

Most people that hear about my adventure ask me if I will miss home. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t.

I will miss the comfort of Michigan State University—the ivory covered halls, the strolls around the green campus, and even feeling the weight of Rousseau’s Emile in my bag.

I am dreading that screen that will inevitably appear when I attempt to log on to Netflix. It will be something to the effect of “We are sorry, but Netflix has not come to this part of the world yet”, which is the equivalent of a difficult break up.

There are also limits on my acceptance of a hemisphere largely without Asian cuisine. In two months I will be begging you all to send me a good Pad Thai—you have been warned.

But, the thing that I will miss the most will not be American flags and apple pie, Netflix or my favorite foods. It will be my friends and family. I am hesitant to leave the comfort of my close support network for such an extended time.

I will miss wine nights with my best friends and family barbeques. I will not have Thanksgiving with my huge, crazy, amazing family. I will not be able to celebrate birthdays or other festivities. I will be absent for most of the wedding planning for one of my closest friend’s weddings.

But, I am not nervous. My family has been incredibly supportive of this insane decision of mine and I know nothing will change. My friends, the ones that matter at least, have promised weekly Skype calls and maybe a spring break visit. My boyfriend knows that it will be a difficult adjustment, but has promised me that it will all work out.

This trip is about professional development. But it is also about being able to separate myself from the comfort of the last 22 years of my life and catapult myself into something new. It is about taking the risk, making the jump, and hoping that that close group of friends and family that I have is still there when it is all over.

So, here’s to ten days of dinner dates, Netflix binges, and the American dream before the flight to my new life.


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