Quito’s Summer of Arts

One of the best parts of summer is live music. In the past three months Luke and I were able to enjoy Vampire Weekend beneath the stars, and live out a life-long dream of attending a Dave Matthews Band jam session. Heading to Quito I was able to continue my outdoor music spree with Quito’s “folk” festival in Carolina Park. 

As a part of the Summer of Arts in Quito, which offers various free cultural activities from theater to dance, various South American bands gathered for an exposition in Quito’s enormous Carolina Park last Saturday. Bands from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Perú and Ecuador were represented. 

My favorite by far was Novalima from Perú, whose rhythm had the entire crowd dancing click here. We were also able to see a more traditional Ecuadorian band, Yarina, which I did not enjoy, as well as Colombia’s Bomba Estéreo. 

This was unlike any American music festival. Essentially, we were in an unlit park at night. In classic Ecuadorian fashion, the lights even went out on stage at one point during a performance. But, the band played on. The televisions were not working either and the welcome screen from a computer was projected for a while. Of course, we were also on Ecuadorian time as well. The last band was set to start at 10:30. So, at around 10:40 when a band came on, I imagined that it was the final band. This was obviously incorrect, and the final band finally came on at 11:40, over an hour after their allocated start time. Again, welcome to Ecuador.

All in all, it was a fun night out with some really special friends. I am excited to explore some more South American music, and maybe even lose my white girl dance moves with some salsa.


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