The last 4 weeks in Ecuador have gone by without much excitement. I finally got paid last week for the first time since November, so despite my longing to take a quick weekend to visit the beach for some vitamin D, my plans had to be postponed until the promise of a paycheck bore fruit.

This was all because the government took about a month too long to approve their budget for the year.

If you have been curious about what Ecuador has been up to lately, click here to check out a comedic video, and click here to read a BBC news report. And, if you missed it, click here to see the 30 second $3.8 million advertisement that the government put into the Super Bowl (yes, it is really hard to follow).

The big excitement in my life was finally putting a deposit down for my Salkantay trek to Machy Picchu in March with Kirsten and Luke. A few weeks of boredom and monotony in Quito will be worth it when I take on the Peruvian Andes. I will also be visited this next week by one of my best friends Sami Ewald, and we will head to the jungle to spend a long weekend in Cuyabeno!

My last update is that 6 of my teacher friends at CEC have contracted the highly contagious Typhoid Fever, which is really only found in the most unsanitary places on the planet, and was one of the major diseases on the Oregon Trail. I do not feel sick at all, although I am certain that there are trace amounts of the disease in my body since almost all of the Typhoid patients live in the two apartments below me. With an escape to the jungle and plenty of hand sanitizer, I will be fine.

My next 4 weeks will certainly be more exciting than my last 4 weeks—updates to come!


2 thoughts on “Ecua-update

  1. Hi Chelsea, How did these folks contact Typhoid? Be careful about your water source and food. If you develop a fever or other symptoms get medical care quick!

  2. Rereading your blog Pumpkin. I miss you! It’s cold and snow covered in Williamston. Luke is going to come over next week. I called him on his cell(in Colorado on his business trip!) Be safe lots love, You Know Who

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