The Traveler

My name is Chelsea Bollman. I’m a Michigan State and Kappa Delta alumna, a Notre Dame law student, and an avid traveler.


I have always had a passion for two things: writing and travel.


I began my blog A Holiday in Spain in 2012 to document my European study abroad adventures and continued in 2013 when I traveled to South Africa for an internship with Invictus. I graduated college with an International Relations degree and no real life plan. So, I moved to Ecuador to teach English at a University and to find my passions in some way, which is documented in Life on the Equator.

When I returned home from Ecuador I realized that I needed a new challenge, which led me to law school. I found a new home at Notre Dame, and answered the call when I learned about an opportunity to study from their London campus. My latest adventure is juggling law school with as much travel as possible, which is documented in London Calling. 

Check it out and please contact me with any questions about the blog, or about any of my experiences!




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