The Traveler

My name is Chelsea Bollman. I’m a Michigan State and Kappa Delta alumna, a Notre Dame law student, and an avid traveler.


I have always had a passion for two things: writing and travel.

Unfortunately, there is no college degree in traveling, and the starving writer lifestyle does not look good on me. So, I decided to pursue a dual major in International Relations and Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy with the idealistic hope that I could continue to learn about every crevasse of the world while singlehandedly saving the world from poverty, hunger, and HIV/AIDS.

I read Plato, Aristotle, Al Ghazali, Tocqueville, Rousseau and Nietzsche and wrestled with competing ideas of what our world should look like. I read about developing nations, economic theories, and foreign policy. I got to know the world from an academic standpoint. But, that was not enough. I then immersed myself in different ways of life, testing these theories and ideas with experience overseas.

I began my blog A Holiday in Spain in 2012 to document my European study abroad adventures and continued in 2013 when I traveled to South Africa for an internship with Invictus.

My current project Life on the Equator will follow my year-long exploration into life in South America as I teach English at an Ecuadorian university.

Everyone can write a travel blog, but not everyone should— This blog shares both my experiences, and historical/cultural facts about the places that I’ve visited. Nobody wants to read a play-by-play of my day, and I know that. My goal is to weave a realistic, informative recollection of my own experiences, both good and bad, to unveil the beauty of the countries that I have visited.

Check it out and please contact me with any questions about the blog, or about any of my experiences!

To get a more visual glimpse into both my artistic side and the incredible countries that I have recently visited, please check out my amateur photography project Crossing Hemispheres Photography





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